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Project information


Visualisation of self organisation of connected vehicles into communities.

Each dot represents a postion of a conneted vehicle. The color indicates a community that the vehicle belongs to.


1. Select the label-propagation community detection algorithm.

2. Select the coloring dependent on only community or add information about vehicle speed or congestion. Vehicle's speed is represented as a colored circle stroke (ranging from green to red). Congestion is represented by number of vehicle's stops. If a vehicle stops more than once on a link over the cycle course, the link is considered as congested. The circle stroke indicates how many times a vehicle stops on a link.

3. Choose the dot's size metric based on community size, community score and the node degree (number of neighbors).

4. Click Play or move timeline to see the evolution of communities.

5. Click on a dot to track the details of the vehicle and its community.

6. Watch on the table the biggest communities and their properties. For highlighting the monster community (the biggest community at the current time) select the checkbox 'Track the monster community'.

7. Watch charts prepresenting graph's statistics over time and more.

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